Ladies and Gents was such a perfect addition to our low-key backyard wedding reception!! From the get-go, Laurie was so friendly and quick to respond to any and all of my questions. We were given a set list of songs to choose from...but my (now) husband and I totally dropped the ball in following up with our selections. The group took it in stride and expertly tailored the music to the vibe of the venue and party! We received so many compliments throughout the night on our choice of band -- their bluegrass-y spin on well-known classics was approachable for all ages. Ladies and Gents has an amazing trifecta of talent, positivity and professionalism. Love them!”

Laurie Melting and Anthony Novak are the core members and founders of “Ladies and Gents”.  They have been active in the Twin Cities music scene for a number of years, and combined their friendship and love for Bluegrass and Country music to form the band  They are rooted in traditional Bluegrass and old-time Country music like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and also perform their folksy renditions of familiar covers like “Norwegian Wood” and “Margaritaville” as well as some gospel tunes.  The trio format adds an upright bass, and the quartet also includes mandolin.


A performance by “Ladies and Gents” will include up-tempo, knee-slapping bluegrass tunes, as well as soulful ballads and beautiful melodies.  Add to that Anthony’s charisma, deep connection with others, as well as the group’s passion and shared love of music… well, it makes for an enjoyable time for all!


Laurie earned her Bachelor degree in music from Northwestern University, and her Masters degree from DePaul University, studying classically at both schools with highly acclaimed teachers.  Later, she approached the violin in a non-Classical way, branched out into other genres, and has played in several bands.


Anthony has been involved in music performance, composition and audio production for over 20 years. With an educational background in music and engineering, along with being involved in numerous projects taking him from New York to California, he brings a unique perspective to the band.

Both Laurie and Anthony are music educators, and are devoted to passing their love of music on to others through teaching and performing.

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